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Developing more independent learners

Educators & Parents


Academic intervention

Administrators, counselors, and guardians schedule literacy, math, and science intervention during school hours. We partner to analyze performance data, design academic intervention plans, and facilitate personalized learning in person and online. This solution enhances the efforts of instructional teams, especially when interventionists are inundated or absent.


classroom & at-home activities

Activities in our shop began as custom instructional solutions for clients. You're invited to download our teacher-tested and top-rated resources for use in your classroom or at home by visiting the shop.

We also design custom products that save you time and boost student engagement. For additional information, call the office directly.


community engagement

 Partnership and program development opportunities welcome. Email detailed information to participate in your next event or collaborate on an upcoming project. Areas of experience include building strong home-school partnerships, PRAXIS and ACT prep, and academic camps.


professional coaching

  • Family engagement coaching walks parents and family members through the process of building strong home-school partnerships in addition to learning the skills to facilitate student achievement.

  • Instructional intervention coaching trains educators and tutors to grow students beyond the proficient level by leveraging authentic, real-time experiences as teachable moments.