ABC Sensory Activity Book

ABC Sensory Activity Book


ABC Sensory' Activity Book is designed by Jackson Education Support as an early literacy tool for automating letter identification and expanding alphabetic knowledge as well as improving phonics, print concepts, vocabulary acquisition and use, and word recognition. ABC Sensory is a curriculum supplement comprised of over 200 pages that allows preschool educators to bridge learning in the classroom. It also strengthens home and school partnerships as well as homeschooling outcomes.

The ABC Sensory system was created for clients and perfected over the course of dozens of private tutoring sessions with feedback from educators, students and parents. Hand signals for each letter of the alphabet improve recall and are ideal for teaching the differences between similar letters like b, d, p, and q. Preschoolers, early learners, and special needs populations learn their ABC's with ease; they're also equipped to participate in an inclusive setting while working toward mastery.

PDF file includes...
1. writing journal pages with three images and words for each letter of the alphabet, guided letter tracing and sentence tracing pages, plus one fun sentence prompt for each letter.

2. flashcard instructions and suggested activities to make the most of the tool. Plus, we've formatted ABC Sensory flashcards to be printed using your printer on any style letter size paper you choose as well as Avery brand perforated flashcards.

3. activity sheets that incorporate literacy and math preschool learning objectives in the form of board games, read alouds, and critical thinking challenges.

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